When it comes to selling real estate on Florida’s Gold Coast, nobody does it better than Best Beach Area Homes! We bring to the table more than 30 years of combined real estate experience along with a degree of marketing savvy and relationship-building not offered by any of our competitors.

No matter what the market is doing, whether the property is a Waterfront Luxury home, beachfront condominium, or a beach area bungalow, selling a home always depends on a few key “ingredients”:

Market Knowledge

best-beach-area-homes-knowledgeThe Florida Gold Coast real estate market is dynamic and constantly changing. It takes real expertise and market knowledge to understand how to position your home at the price point that will attract buyers and how to target the right buyers for your home. Best Beach Area Homes bring this knowledge to every real estate client.

Property Preparation

best-beach-area-homes-property-preparationA few key changes can add thousands of dollars to your sales price. We show you how to make the right changes so your home gets top dollar offers fast. We understand what buyers are looking for, and we have the relationships and know-how to help you cost effectively prepare your home to appeal to your home’s target market.

Marketing Savvy

best-beach-area-homes-marketing-savvyWe present every one of our listings with flair and make sure it is marketed through the most effective channels. We understand that the buyer base in Florida’s real estate market extends far beyond our local area – our buyers can come from anywhere in the US or around the world. Best Beach Area Homes know how to reach buyers, both locally and internationally, to ensure your home sells fast and for the highest price possible.

The Right Team

best-beach-area-homes-the-right-teamWhether this is the first time you’ve sold a home or you’re an experienced home seller or investor, having the right team on your side makes all the difference. We’ve spent years building relationships with the right people to help our clients’ real estate transactions flow smoothly from initial listing, all the way through to closing. We work with attorneys, tax experts, mortgage lenders and title companies who can answer your questions, no matter how complex, and help ensure the success of your home sale.

These are the “ingredients” that Best Beach Area Homes bring to every home sale transaction.